Does it sometimes take longer than you expect to focus on and complete a task? Don't you think that you are working with full efficiency? Then maybe Pomodoro, the technique developed by Francesco Cirillo at the end of the 80s,will help you both in professional business life and while studying.

This technique, which is frequently preferred worldwide both at work and while studying, helps you adjust, divide your work and break times in order to work efficiently. Pomodoro means tomato in Italian and Cirillo developed this technique. inspired by the tomato-shaped timer. A timer is proposed to implement this technique. 25 minutes of work followed by a 5-minute break, each period counts as 1 pomodoro. After continuing the 4 pomodoro cycles,  a 20 minute long break is given. After this long break, the system of 4 pomodoros continues again.

While using this technique some points are suggested to be considered: select the task before starting, set timer, avoid all kinds of factors that will disrupt the 25 minute focus time, if situations that impair focus occur, take notes and make sure that they will not happen again, During 5 minute short breaks and 20 minute long break, do not think anything work related

The purpose of this division of time is to increase the productivity and motivation that arise with the need to get the job done on time. Therefore the person focuses on eliminating the distracting factors and getting the job done. As it provides time management, this technique is known to increase productivity and motivation. In addition, it can be predicted that how long it will take for a job to be completed so the stress that the work will not be finished on time is reduced.

I also applied this technique while doing research on the subject and writing the article. I think it is efficient in order to progress more systematically in such works. I also used the timer in Loyo during this process. I hope, you like the technique and find it useful as well. See you later.