Working remotely means to work from home or a preferred venue, regardless of a specific place, working enviroment. It's even possible to work around the world (see digital nomads).

With the pandemic, the rates of working from home have increased. Biggest global companies approved remote working policies after COVID-19 pandemic. Companies, such as, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter stated that their employees can work remotely indefinitely.

Company CEOs say working from home is a revolution shaping the future of the workplace. This has positive effects on diverse people of different demographics, geographies and races because working remotely increases accessibility. Although some employers still have some reservations about working from home,  according to the researches, this situation is evolving positively as working from home produces more efficient results, creates a desire to work overtime, and increases productivity.

In addition, millennials increase their demands of working remotely and flexibly. Generation Z, who has just started business life, also has this demand.Sooner or later, companies will have to develop remote working policies as to meet the demands of these generations.
The comfort of working from any environment with computer and internet; brought many new issues, advantages and disadvantages to people's agenda.

The advantages of working home office:

- Gaining the time spent on the road and getting ready for work
- Maintaining the work-life balance more comfortably
- Cost savings for both employee and company
- Increased efficiency and productivity
- Reducing the carbon footprint of commuting
- Accessibility
- Location independence
- Spending more time with family

The disadvantages of working home office

- Lack of socialization
- Hasitation to share your mood with employers and colleagues
- Lack of physical activity
- Internet connection problems

Now let's think what we can to do to create solutions to such disadvantages.

- Gaining healthy habits, doing exercises, eating healthy food
- Creating a work environment of your own and choosing comfortable, ergonomic furniture
- Time management and arranging breaks
- Taking time to learn and acquire new skills
- To interact with people from the same or different professions and to build professional  relationships

When we think about these situations related to working remotely and the orientation of the world we should realize how we can turn this situation to our advantage individually. Even if we haven't switched to a work-from-home system yet, it will be useful to make our preliminary preparations just in case.

What do you think about working remotely? What were your experiences? See you later.