With the changing work dynamics, many people today have difficulty in establishing a work-life balance. Issues such as responsibilities in business and private life, working standards and managing relationships have been the main reasons that increase the stress levels of individuals.

Increasing stress level of individuals is a factor that directly affects health and daily life. With the stress caused by the inability to establish a work-life balance, the immune system may weaken, causing various diseases and depression.

According to studies, increased stress may decrease productivity, disrupt concentration, and damage personal and professional relationships.

In order to achieve balance in working life; Attention can be paid to issues such as using time efficiently, making the day planable and manageable, creating flexibility in work hours, communicating effectively and taking breaks as needed.

Experts believe that it is necessary to establish a balance on the basis of managing stress. When employees are balanced, happy, and have time for their personal lives, their productivity will increase and they will become more committed to work. With good planning of  the time allocated to work, people can find the opportunity to spare time for themselves, thus laying the foundations of the balance in their life. In the time that individuals spare for themselves; It will be useful for work-life balance to do exercises that can be beneficial for the body, to socialize, to spare time for hobbies. At the same time, the right steps will be leaving perfectionism, learning to stay away from technological devices, and  bewaring of people and situations that cause you to spend unproductive time in order to achieve balance.

It is predicted that individuals will lead a happy life by maintaining a work-life balance. Although individuals need to control their own lives and affairs in order to achieve this balance, companies and employers they work for should also be aware of the subjects that will satisfy their employees and build their approaches accordingly. It has been concluded that in employment models which employers support their employees and allow them to make arrangements in their working lives according to their views, employees work more efficiently and are happier.

On the way to work-life balance, individuals must be able to make decisions such as “Urgent and important, Important but not urgent, Urgent but not important, Neither urgent nor important” (see Eisenhower Matrix). While making these decisions, people should act according to their own self-awareness. In this way, they can make the right decisions while planning their time.  So come on, discover yourself, make decisions and determine what to do in order to establish and, of course, maintain your work-life balance!